What I’m reading today

In Uncategorized on April 3, 2006 at 8:02 pm

“Barren Future” for Africa’s soil (BBC)

What I took away – is that Africa’s soil is being depleted, due to a variety of reasons… and that the cost of fertilizer needs to come down. Happily, they prioritize Organic fertilizer as well.

Niger Coal – Alertnet.org

This is good news for Niger – even if coal burning is not the way to go for most of the developed world – this at least helps keep Nigeriens from cutting down trees. Hopefully this resource will not be abused for financial gain…

I get Google News alerts for Niger, where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Unfortunately the alert can’t discern between Niger Delta and Niger, so a lot of the news is about the insane instability in the Niger Delta in Southern Nigeria. A combination of years of corrupt, unaccountable Nigerian governments (federal and state) with compliant oil companies has left the Niger Delta area seething with discontent… This is not different from a lot of different commodity dependent African countries, where the region with the commodity doesn’t get to reap any of the financial windfall (if any) that comes from their land.

ABC News, Aid Worker in Darfur

Good job by CRS for getting this out there, Darfur is such a mess… There is so much more to write about this kind of issue I’ll have to get more thoughts down on it later…


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