Pride in work, not Charity

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2006 at 3:27 am

What I like is in the 6th paragraph down in this article –
BBC NEWS | Africa | Bono promotes work to aid Africa

It’s just so true, despite what a lot of uninformed anti-globalizationists think… that trade is better than aid. Of course that doesn’t mean that completely free trade is the salve to heal the earth, far from it. But, fair trade, meaning that every nation gets a fair shot at selling their value-added stuff, has a real shot at helping raise living standards.

Bono’s T-shirt shop in Lesotho is not really sustainable – Gap, Versace, et al are buying the shirts at a premium because they’re Bono’s and ‘fair trade’ – it is only a temporary help to the Lesotho factory town featured in the article. But, in this article you can see evidence of the economic ripple effects of foreign direct investment (FDI), in the form of the HIV clinic and infrastructure improvements in the town.


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