Updates, changes, and the jobsearch

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2008 at 5:37 am

I really wanted to post to this blog at least once per month. I returned to school in September and was insanely busy until I graduated on December 17. But I did it! I now have a Masters of Public Administration Degree! MA number two!

So I’ve been jobsearching on and off now for about 6 months, with varying degrees of intensity and with different approaches. I’ve targeted the international relief and development field and the San Francisco/North Bay (because of my Petaluma house) nonprofit sector. I have to say, it is very competitive. My problem is that I’m in between positions, both literally and experientially. I can’t be a “program associate” in the nonprofit sector because they’re all low-paid and for 20-somethings with a BA and a couple of years experience. I can’t quite qualify for program manager positions because I don’t exactly have enough experience, even with my two MA’s…

So now, almost out of the blue, I will probably be skipping right to the top! I will, with a little hustle and organizational help, become the Executive Director of a totally new nonprofit, tentatively called Friends of CCLLC, where my two daughters are going to school. More perhaps later. I was embittered and angry about my jobsearch and had planned to commiserate more about that whole experience, but the venom has kind of run it’s course.

So I just wanted to get something out there on my blog.

I will hopefully get back to writing about international affairs and Niger stuff again soon. Not that I have a lot of faithful readers, but if you’re out there, I’ll get back to you soon!


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