Positive Generation X Article

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Why Generation X Has the Leaders We Need Now – Tammy Erickson – HarvardBusiness.org

This is an excellent article, I’m looking forward to the book. I would have dated Generation X a little later to encompass those born between, say, 1964 (after JFK) – 1979 (people born in the 80’s don’t seem Generation X-ish to me).

It’s nice to see a positive representation of our generation – that we’re pragmatic, hardworking, and innovative. We are not slackers! The Baby Boomers just thought we were, but we were just fed up with the more narcissistic and hyperbolic aspects of their culture.

I would never, for example, expect any entitlements from a company or the government. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome them, though. Long Term employment and pensions, social security, etc – I know when I’m old I’ll only have the work I’m doing and the assets I build up over the next 20 years or so to sustain my wife and me. That and hopefully whatever my parents leave me.

I try to channel my cynicism into something positive – taking care of myself and my family, trying to do a good job, always trying to learn and be a good husband and father. If I can make a positive contribution to society I’ll be happy.


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