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In Career Development, International Development, Iraq, Travel on December 10, 2009 at 11:38 am

I’m in transit. On my first business trip of my international development career. Where might I be going on my first business trip on behalf of my NGO?

The 2-3 of you who actually read this blog will be familiar with the decision process I went through before I even took the job that lead to this trip, I always knew this would be a possibility. I had not been avoiding going to Iraq, but I hadn’t been jumping at any opportunities or thinking of reasons to go, which I probably could have done earlier. But now, the way things are on my team and the circumstances lead to a window of opportunity, where there are a few things I can contribute while in the field for a short, focused trip.
The holiday deadline was a useful end-date for my trip. Many of my colleagues have been stuck on TDY projects in Iraq for months. My condition has always been that I can’t go for more than 2-3 weeks.
As I write this, I’m sitting in the London Heathrow Terminal 1. I left DC yesterday evening on a red-eye flight. My dad graciously helped me upgrade to business class using his bazillion frequent flier miles, I’m always appreciative…
I spent the flight reading a new book, I blogged a few months ago about a Generation X article I read and commented on. As it happens, the author and publisher liked my comment and used a snippet of it on the back of the hardcover edition!
Normally I don’t really read self help books, I tend to take my information in snippets from articles I come across along the way, I subscribe to all kinds of lists… but being on the back of a book is compelling reason to read it. So read it I did. I may end up writing an independent blog post about it when I finish.
But, reading it on this plane ride was an interesting experience. I’m at a strange point in my career, I’m trying to hard to launch, and it’s been genuinely difficult of late to find a real niche. Reading Tammy Erickson’s book helps me get a handle on some of the things I’ve been going through at work lately. There really is a generational component at work, the more I read the more deeply connected to Generation X I feel.
Introspection can so tiresome – I’ll post more when I get to Amman jordan this evening.

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