In Niger on April 28, 2010 at 2:01 pm

That’s the Hausa phrase for “That’s it, it’s totally done, there is nothing more to be negotiated or said on the subject.”

Our Nigerien exchange students left today, more than 10 days after they were supposed to leave.  I’m still processing the whole experience.

I need to mull the experience over before I really delve into it more in this forum.  But, I would say that  I have been kind of hard on the kids and the NGO.  The circumstances were very unusual – if the kids had left on the day they were supposed to I think we would have different feelings and the last 2 blog posts, which were essentially me venting, would have been more self congratulatory and positive.

In the end, we were compensated by the NGO for the expenses.  I don’t honestly care if they were not going to pay us any food allowance originally- we hadn’t expected it for the 3 weeks we had originally committed to.  But the extra 10 days were burdensome and stretching us beyond what we could handle.  So I’m happy in that regard.

As for the phone issue – Verizon was able to lower our bill by giving us a retroactive international plan, lowering the bill.  When we get it we’re sending it straight to the NGO for their reimbursement.  I have no idea how they handled the situation with the girls and how they’ll be responsible for anything.

When we said goodbye this morning, the girls were genuinely sincere with my daughters, and they just seemed sort of ashamed with us.  It’s not like we were mad or anything…  We drove them to the metro stop and I rode with them to my stop in Rosslyn.  There was no talking, I tried to ask a couple questions but they were just not into conversation.  I wished them a safe journey and left them on the Metro at the Rosslyn stop.


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