Transitions… Again

In Career Development, Home Life, Kids on February 26, 2011 at 3:11 pm

The next few weeks are going to hold quite a few changes for me, big and small.

First the professional change.  I’m transitioning from the “Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems” (aka SFAS) unit at my NGO to the “Relief and Humanitarian Assistance” (aka Relief) unit.  The reaction to this has been generally very positive, in an eerily comforting way.  Comforting, in that people seem to be saying it will be a great fit for me; eery, because people are either generally acknowledging my weaknesses in administrative backstopping or recognizing my strengths that can be used on the relief unit.

The other big change is more personal – my wife is due to deliver our third child, a son, at the end of March.  My employer actually has a very generous family leave policy; employees, both men and women, with at least two years tenure are eligible for up to 12 weeks of paid time off.  The catch is that I sign a document stating that I must remain with the organization for a full year after I return from leave, otherwise I must repay the compensation I received while on leave.  This is more than a reasonable stipulation for me.

This will be a great time to really reconnect with my new family configuration, kind of Webb 3.0 in a way.  I’m excited for the changes and looking forward to re-balancing my life.

I’m hoping to use the free time that I’ll have to read up on emergency relief, like sphere standards and other relief theory, so I expect my blogging and tweeting will be mostly occupied with either that or stuff related to parenting.  Like everything else in my life, I am generally refraining from letting my expectations go crazy – there are tons of things I want to do with my “time off” (play lots of tennis, blog, play music, coffee shops, long walks) but I expect to be needed at home, so my family can all adjust to our new little dude together.

  1. Hi Scott,

    I am a Canadian of Armenian decent, working in Armenia for an American NGO.

    I just read your blog and enjoyed it. I liked your simple, direct style. I like the references to your personal life as well. It makes the blog more down-to-earth.

    Congratulations on fatherhood! And enjoy your leave.


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