Relics and Hope – Nepal Part 3

In Humanitarian Response, Nepal on May 4, 2015 at 7:27 pm
5/4/15 Kathmandu, Nepal
I went to a Cultural Orientation session this morning held at the UN compound.  It was very enlightening, the facilitator was a British man who’s lived here for 17 years, married to a Nepali.   Then my colleague, also married to a Nepali, she walked me around the city center where all the old buildings were – it was breathtaking.  Not just the damage, but what is still there!  It was just incredible, the shrines, temples, and holy things all around – just too much to process.  I took a ton of pictures, I’ll have to see if I can download them off my phone so I can keep taking more.
One thing that’s inspiring is how much they’re cleaning up.  They’ve started stacking up the bricks and salvaging what they can.  People are sweeping up and getting on with life.  There are still a lot of shops closed – many people have left the city to go back to their rural family homes, kind of a reverse  migration.  It unclear if this is temporary or not. The proprietor of the guesthouse where I’m staying has been selling a lot of bread and pastries, more than usual, because the normal bakers in the neighborhood have left. 
It’s been good to see life returning to Kathmandu – people circulating, taking care of business.  Restaurants and shops open.  Even kids playing.  There is still a lot of damage and the effects on this country will last for a generation.  But there’s definitely hope here.  That’s always inspiring. 
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